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I tried but really dislike insane mode so here's what I was thinking of:

Any% pacifist on hard without leaf
All the rest on insane. My reasoning for that is that with vitality fragments you'll have enough life to not instantly die. Also since you'll have plenty of money because of exploring it might be enough to buy necklace of sacrifice which would also speed up fights

This makes everything go down to two runs BUT ofc is somewhat hard.

GreenZSaber did a semi-casual run for all achievements in about 3 hours It's quite unoptimized in terms of strats but it's not a bad run

I'd say this should be doable in less than 1h30m but not sure


I agree with doing pacifist and bad ending on the first run as when you beat the final boss it takes you to the main menu, easy to start the second run fast, also you can use the backtrack for the green leaf to fight choir on the second one.
To the hard run I would add the no deaths, as doing it on insane will be extremely hard(at least if you arent used to play on insane). Tho as you can unlock insane and then do a run, I dont know whether its preferable to do the hard run then insane or the other way around.
For the necklace of sacrifice, you need 700 munny and unless you farm it there isnt enough munny on chests, at least early enough, to make it worth the farm. Basically because on the last three bosses its not that much useful, except choir which im yet to test.
I havent seen the run you linked yet, but im trying to do a route of my own having in mind the necesary items, and locations you have to revisit, and the movement necessary/fastest movement/ less backtracking necessary.


On the subject of Necklace of Sacrifice farming I will add that handing in some Ivory Bugs (I think 5?) will net you 210 muni which saves a fair bit of farming time if you're looking to get that item.


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