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Heya guys

Just to be 100% sure about it, what is OK for an All levels run skips wise ? Is it alright to use the offset glitch to get yourself into every boss stage from level 1 till 7 ? To clarify, I enter every level, get an offset glitch done somewhere and offset my way into the boss stages or close to them.

I'm routing it like this right now and will most likely do a run next week if it's within the rules.

The rules just state "No Wrongwarp" which I don't use, I just wanna be sure it's OK like that. I can link what I'm doing tomorrow, cause twitch 24h clause and such <.<

Thanks and have a good day ^^


I think those rules were set to be a glitchless category because otherwise you could use the warp glitch without any problem.

What it will do will be to separate the category in 2, one so that you can use the warp glitch and OoB's but taking into account that you must overcome each level with its respective boss including the last level and another without using any glitch.

I hope that is well.

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I think you made any% glitchless by mitsake; we were talking about an "All Levels", and "All Levels glitchess"
"Any% glitchless" would just be all levels. 🙂

-Any% is anything goes

-"All Levels" should have wrong warped banned (because that makes it any%), but OOB allowed.

-"All Levels Glitchless" should disallow both Wrong Warp and OOB

I think that is the best way we could set them up right now. 🙂



Well Any% Glitchless and All Levels are the same category but with different name here we should decide the name of this category, for me any of the 2 names seems fine.

About ban wrong warp here I am a little hesitant about whether to ban it or not, the reason is that it depends a lot as the category was routed because if it was copying exactly like the TAS of All Levels of this game, there is used the warp glitch to access the last level Because several of the levels were finished glitch-shaped using OoB's.

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Ohhh; I get it now. Sorry!
I didn't know about the wrong warp for the last level in the TAS.

any% - self explanatory
All Levels - All level bosses must be killed, glitches allowed.(WW used to get to the final boss)
any% Glitchless - Any% but with no OOB or WW.

And if anyone ever is crazy enough for it, 100%

The issue is that I believe Yume is making a route that uses OOB, but not WW. Which even now would have no category. But we can wait on the route; and if it works we could change All Levels to allow OOB but ban WW.

Sorry for all the edits. I don't know why I had such a hard time wrapping my head around this lol



So yeah, to get to my progress ^^

I've routed Level 1-6 to finish them without any major glitches except OoB, the stages are cleared the right way without like 255 points like in the TAS.
I routed the wrongwarp for Level 7 real quick and can skip "only" like half of the stage with what I have right now, will look into it to get something better or at least try to get a good time out of it <.<
But as it is looking I can actually get to level 8 without having to use the WW that is usually set up for Any% to get into Level 8, unlike the TAS. I can tell you more tomorrow I guess, I'll try to get this done this week and getting a run recorded.

Guess we can debate about split categories and what has to be banned when I actually pulled of to get all this work into a run. But Legs statement is right about that I'm kinda routing a category that doesn't exist yet by the definitions set.


News fresh out of the press:

Level 8 unlocks when I finish all 7 bosses with the OoB glitch.

Guess a first estimate is sub 2 hours for the run, guess with optimizing for OoB skips and routing the rooms properly a sub 1:30 is possible. Some of the OoB skips take some time to set up and are a bit of a hassle, but I guess 8 skips (Doing a dual skip for Level 7) in a run are a thing you can pull off. Will record a run in an hour or so.

Also, I guess with proper routing through all screens and such I outroute the current TAS without a problem <.< TAS sub 1 hour should be a thing like that.

Only thing that is still a question for myself:

I saw that one of the offset skips doesn't work properly for Legs, got stuck somewhere where I can skip through with the emu version I have right now. I guess I'll check that after I've got the run recorded, probably an emulator (bgb by the way) thing or a thing with the version used. Dunno what was the hiccup there.


TAS has actually been defeated by my run, got a 1:05:28 xD

Still have to check some stuff to officially be able to say "It is legit and works with console" as I don't know if there are actual version differences and such. (The thing I wrote about Legs not being able to do the skip I do on emu)

But yeah, guess outrouting the TAS is a thing.


Here's the link to the uploaded version of the All Levels run:

So now I only need verification if this is possible with the/one hardware copy or if some of the OoB's are an emu only thing.

If needed OR if everything is OK with this run I'll make a tutorial for this run with the setups, what happens and so on. And more fun with glitched Sundes face for the 2 fish on the screen before Sundes <.<

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About its run YumeTsubasaCH is that I only use the OoB's and that surprisingly its route is faster than that of the TAS lol. Now I see that it is not necessary to use the wrong warp as it is done in the TAS to access the last level.

Should also ensure that they are using the same emulator allowed and that at the same time operate these glitches without any problem, in this case would recommend using BGB, gambatte in its latest version or bizhawk.

About wrong warp since it was not used in that run maybe we do not need to ban it because it is not even useful to use it, for the moment.


I would think that those glitches work in console since there are 2 runs of any% done in console and the OoB's have similar setups.

Remember to submit your run when you want YumeTsubasa.


Using BGB since forever now, as I even had problems with casual stuff on other emulators. So that should not be a problem.

Submitted the run right now, hopefully I can find out what the difference between my version used and the physical copy that SprintingLegs has is. But yeah, wouldn't be the first time that there are a Version 1.0 and 1.1 whereas some stuff doesn't work in one of them...We'll find out 🙂

And yeah, guess banning WW is not a thing. I spoke to other ppl that attempted the TAS route and was told that some of the damage boosts don't work for them, probably a TAS-only thing to get the glitch in world 6.

I hope I get other ppl to run this category, as it's fun and has a lot of potential to go sub 1 hour, even without a TAS. I also think that there is still potential regarding the routing cause I did all of this in merely 10 hours <.<


I dropped that matter for some time cause I had tourneys and such going, guess I'll try to do a vid with all the skips this week tho. I feel like I have to finish this work 😜

Otherwise it'll come soon, if it's not happening this week.

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