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My minimalist run was rejected before some months after its become accepted, but i didnt understood the reason:

"unnecessarily breakes buster only when fighting high max early to skip 8 mavericks"

The moderador who rejected my run was 8BitisGr8. Can you please explain to me more detailed this reason? I cant see where this reason break the actual minimalist rules.

Thks in advance;


The rules state that this is a buster only run. Meaning that you don't use weapons. Since this is impossible and you need weapons, you are limited to just thoughs areas where weapon use is required. These areas being: Spike climb at the begginning of nightmare mother's stage, the high max fight in the gate stages, impossible jump at gate stage.

In your run you use weapons at an extra point (high max fight in mijinion alternate area) breaking buster only and invalidating the run.

This is not about jealous or malice for you either. As you proved in the comments in my most recently run i collected a weapon up, breaking low% rules. So i changed the title and description on youtube and rejected my own run here on This is simply about sticking to the rules. No matter how ludicrous and arbitrary they are.

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Well, the rules doesnt specific that you cant use weapons against hightmax only at Gate Lab II.

Here is the current minimalist rules:

"Minimalist is defined as no health upgrades, no equipped parts, no weapon upgrades, no subtanks, and no subweapon usage.
Please know before hand which reploids contain weapon or life upgrades, and avoid them.

Jumper is required for Nightmare Mother's stage in order to survive the fight, so it is able to be acquired and equipped on Gate's Lab 1 and Gate's Lab 1 only.
Subweapons, ie, boss weapons are only able to be used on Gate Stage 1 Spike Wall, Hi-Max, and the gap jump following Hi-Max.

This must be played on Xtreme difficulty.

All other standard rules apply."

Also, i posted before a topic in this forum and in its content i asked about fight against High Max just to ensure that i will not break the rules. The post can be seem at:

The answer from Cyberdemon531 that i understood was that doesnt matter if you fight against High Max inside the 8 mavs stages or in Gate Lab II stage, you can use weapons against him normally.

I never said nothing about jealous or malice from you, and that little break of rules in your run for me is irrelevant, for me your run should be approved and you deserved the 1st place without problems, i just thought unfair my run was removed due a reason that is not present in the current minimalist rules. Also, Cyberdemon said in that discussion the rules should be all stages, but also could be unfair removing my run due it because this detail is not present in minimalist run, but to keep all things friendly i suggested split this category into two, minimalist all stages and minimalist any %.

Please review your decision, im sure i didnt break the rules as you assert;


Hi there, I misunderstood your post as I didn't consider doing High Max in an alternate area at all, since It was not part of the plan for the category. In my defense, you didn't mention much about skipping stages and I was rushing at the time when we had that prior conversation.

The category is simple (kind of): Buster/Saber Only unless absolutely required. You do not need to do High Max in an alternate area so it is not required by the rules. Simple as that.

Also, I don't really think weapon+s should be counted for or against anything, since you don't use weapons, and when you do the difference is beyond negligible. I don't think that should invalidate or validate anything, personally.

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Hello Cyberdemon, i understand you forgot to put some missing details in the minimalist rules, the ice weapon needed at Gate Lab I is one example and due it i made that topic. But remember, you cant punish me for a mistake of yours, rules are rules. My suggestion to split minimalist into any % and all stages was made just for you fix this mistake.

Remember i never said the last 8Bitis minimalist run was invalid, i just mentioned that detail about weapon up got in North Pole Area to inform him about this detail, and as you read there, i said to him delete my comments after he read that, i always considered that run valid, its not the point of this discussion;


Why would you split it? That would just completely ruin the point of Minimalist


There is no any% and all stages minimalist. Because of buster only you may NOT use high max in alternate areas to skip thevrest of the 8 mavericks. minimalist is a unarmored x buster only low% (xtreme) speedrun. With unarmored taking greatest precedence then buster only and lastly low% (low% meaning no upgrades for x, collecting normal reploids, like in 100%, does raise percentage but does not contribute to raising x's stats so they were deemed okay.)

Buster only is a term frequently used in classic mega man speedrunning referring to no weapons. So when buster only is stated it also means saber is okay. Just no weapons.

To elaborate on why this run's rules seem so arbritrary.
-The point for this run was to make it literally as hard as possible. It was inspired from a youtuber hideofbeast who did all of x1-6 with the category name "minimalist". The only difference between his run and this is that his was also no damage and deathless but it was a segmented TAS. These conditions are unfeasible in RTA to say the least. So on agreeing on rules (with cyber and I) we decided to remove it.

And finally yes i will update the rules to make it as crystal clear as possible.


Anyway we have a dead-lock here, i followed the current minimalist rules written by you, i posted my run and it become approved, its not just my run become removed just because you forgot to uptade the rules. Remember i posted a topic in this forum to make sure im following the rules and i was answered, if Cyberdemon forgot to say that all stages is needed and he forgot to ad it to the rules is not my fault.

How can we solve this in a friendly way?


I never said it was your fault. Yes cyber was vague and the rules were too. But why should we let it slide still. The simply fact is that your run breaks buster only more than it needs to. Just like how my run broke low% by getting a weapon up. They both are invalid and there is no reason to let them pass.