Any% - Emu/VC in 47m 31s by krugman420krugman420 - 87th place

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Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by krugman420krugman420 on

Verified by Hetfield90Hetfield90 on


Name Duration Finished at
INTRO 1m 21s 000ms 1m 21s
WIRE HETIMARL 2m 37s 000ms 3m 59s
WHEEL ALLIGATES 3m 45s 000ms 7m 44s
SONIC OSTREAGUE 3m 11s 000ms 10m 56s
BUBBLY CRABLOS 2m 51s 000ms 13m 48s
FLAME STAGGER 2m 36s 000ms 16m 25s
METAMOR MOTHMEANOS 3m 46s 000ms 20m 11s
MAGNE HYAKULEGGER 3m 48s 000ms 24m 00s
CRISTAR MYMINE 3m 44s 000ms 27m 44s
COUNTER HUNTER 1 2m 26s 000ms 30m 11s
COUNTER HUNTER 2 2m 29s 000ms 32m 40s
COUNTER HUNTER 3 4m 43s 000ms 37m 23s
SHORYU CITY 6m 58s 000ms 44m 22s
GG EZ 3m 08s 000ms 47m 31s
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