Hello I'm new to the Speedrun community and I wanted to see if there's any resources I can possible make with you guys for MMSF2 even though I don't have any experience making TAS Bots, but I do have experience with Pokemon RNG, that's all my experiences. I wanted to see if there's a way to RNG or TAS Trader Card SP (or reg) in the game for those Star Chip such as Longsword 3 etc. If you can please comment on this I will possibly help you with the stuff needed for this. Also I'm a big fan of this series, it's what inspired me to do things!


Go ahead if you want to try we have SF2 info/notes on our discord in #resources https://discord.gg/0PziBiqBMMg2IhmJ. And feel free to ask and suggest anything in sf strats.

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Thank you very much!! I'll try the link out!