I noticed that on some categories, there is no category for glitches or glitchless, and there are some that I want to run, but people use glitches, (e.g, all starfox masks, all bomber's notebook seals) that I don't want to learn because I'm lazy, and, while I probably should learn how to bomb hover and stuff, in some instances, I just want to do a glitchless run, but I'll be ranked super low for doing so, because other runs use glitches, and I don't. So, could you add new categories for glitches/glitchless for some categories? If ya can't, it's fine, it's just me not wanting to learn glitches, but it would really be nice. Anyways, thanks for reading this, and thanks for your time.


Might have a better platform if you ask in the discord server for a request like this. It would help if you did a Glitchless All Star Fox Masks first.

On another note, learning those glitches can lead to being able to do a multitude of other runs in a comparable time. It can be frustrating, but if you join the speedrunning server, you'll have the backing of the community. It's an invaluable resource, and we offer a variety of practice tools. If you have an account, you can join by clicking on "Discord" on the left on the bar. If you don't, it doesn't take much effort to make one. Happy running!

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Thanks! I'm kinda a noob runner, so I figured I should ask. I'm not really that active of a runner anyways, so I have no idea if I'm gonna be running it in a week, or two years. But anways, thank 4 the tips, & have an awesome day 😃

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My Cart crapped out on me fun 😀