Are segmented runs allowed? I only have a set amount of time to play per day, and I want to do runs like glitchless Any and 100%, and I don't know if segmented runs are allowed and how would I time them?! Would I stop the timer after I save, or when I'm going to save, or what?!? So, someone, please let meh know.


You're obviously allowed to make your own segmented runs, but this leaderboard, unless otherwise specified, is all RTA. Meaning the timer starts at one point, and stops when the full run is done. But obviously don't let this discourage you. Surely there'll be a time when you are so good in segmented parts, that when you do have 5 hours in a day for yourself, you can beast out a full run by yourself!

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Thanks! I'm probably only gonna do the dum ones like all starfox masks, but, thanks! Have an awesome day 🙂