100% - Glitchless in 5h 51m 02s by TrevPersonTrevPerson (Obsolete)

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TrevPersonTrevPerson on
Played on:
Wii Virtual Console [USA] on
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Name Duration Finished at
Ocarina of Time 18m 07s 000ms 18m 07s 659ms
Pictograph Box 13m 13s 000ms 31m 20s 885ms
Sonata of Awakening 3m 25s 000ms 34m 46s 572ms
Woodfall Temple 1 8m 11s 000ms 42m 58s 037ms
Lens of Truth - -
Don Gero's Mask 14m 21s 000ms 57m 19s 494ms
Fire Arrows - -
Goht's Remains 13m 08s 000ms 1h 10m 28s 304ms
Gold Dust 6m 53s 000ms 1h 17m 21s 639ms
Garo Mask 8m 43s 000ms 1h 26m 05s 245ms
Hookshot 9m 23s 000ms 1h 35m 28s 928ms
Adult's Wallet 7m 15s 000ms 1h 42m 44s 125ms
Beaver Race HP 8m 08s 000ms 1h 50m 52s 966ms
Milk 19m 23s 000ms 2h 10m 16s 871ms
Doggy Racetrack 2m 07s 000ms 2h 12m 24s 815ms
Bunny Hood 1m 31s 000ms 2h 13m 56s 045ms
Captain's Hat 11m 45s 000ms 2h 25m 42s 009ms
Enter Woodfall Temple - -
Odolwa's Remains 18m 57s 000ms 2h 44m 39s 031ms
Mask of Scents 9m 09s 000ms 2h 53m 48s 879ms
Seahorse HP 3m 27s 000ms 2h 57m 16s 542ms
New Wave Bossa Nova 7m 15s 000ms 3h 04m 32s 259ms
Enter Great Bay Temple 6m 07s 000ms 3h 10m 39s 587ms
Ice Arrows 5m 46s 000ms 3h 16m 25s 730ms
Gyorg's Remains 10m 52s 000ms 3h 27m 18s 084ms
Sakon's Hideout 6m 30s 000ms 3h 33m 48s 195ms
Dampe 4m 53s 000ms 3h 38m 42s 014ms
Gibdo Mask 10m 42s 000ms 3h 49m 24s 668ms
End Cycle 2 11m 28s 000ms 4h 00m 53s 296ms
Blast Mask 8m 59s 000ms 4h 09m 53s 133ms
Enter Stone Tower Temple 5m 28s 000ms 4h 15m 22s 090ms
Light Arrows 7m 05s 000ms 4h 22m 27s 598ms
STT Boss Key 6m 48s 000ms 4h 29m 15s 664ms
Rockville temple out 6m 03s 000ms 4h 35m 18s 996ms
Great Fairy Sword 5m 11s 000ms 4h 40m 30s 912ms
End Cycle 3 3m 42s 000ms 4h 44m 12s 967ms
Deku Playground 1 5m 24s 000ms 4h 49m 37s 124ms
Deku Playground 2 15m 54s 000ms 5h 05m 31s 417ms
Swamp Shooting HP 6m 07s 000ms 5h 11m 38s 795ms
Secret Shrine HP 8m 39s 000ms 5h 20m 18s 105ms
Bank HP 14m 06s 000ms 5h 34m 24s 384ms
Fierce Deity Mask 14m 20s 000ms 5h 48m 44s 487ms
Majora 2m 12s 000ms 5h 50m 57s 143ms
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