All Dungeons - Restricted in 1h 29m 56s by Keko_25Keko_25 - 1st place

very bad speedrun

Played on Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on

Submitted by Keko_25Keko_25 on

Verified by dopeZeradopeZera on


Name Duration Finished at
Enter Clocktown 7m 39s 000ms 7m 39s 133ms
Ocarina of Time 8m 34s 000ms 16m 13s 482ms
Zora Mask 10m 05s 000ms 26m 19s 323ms
Red Potion 5m 03s 000ms 31m 22s 498ms
Sonata of Awakening 2m 52s 000ms 34m 14s 842ms
Pinnacle Rock 5m 58s 000ms 40m 13s 621ms
Hookshot 4m 07s 000ms 44m 20s 683ms
Pirate's Fortress 3m 07s 000ms 47m 28s 300ms
Gyorg 5m 53s 000ms 53m 21s 845ms
Hero's Bow 4m 12s 000ms 57m 34s 311ms
Odolwa's Remains 2m 21s 000ms 59m 55s 562ms
Enter Snowhead 4m 33s 000ms 1h 04m 28s 652ms
Fire Arrows 1m 48s 000ms 1h 06m 17s 015ms
Goht's Remains 2m 33s 000ms 1h 08m 50s 526ms
Enter STT 4m 35s 000ms 1h 13m 25s 911ms
Light Arrows 2m 25s 000ms 1h 15m 51s 170ms
Enter Twinmold 1m 47s 000ms 1h 17m 38s 289ms
Twinmold's Remains 2m 10s 000ms 1h 19m 49s 182ms
Enter Clock Tower 1m 50s 000ms 1h 21m 39s 600ms
Majora 8m 17s 000ms 1h 29m 56s 960ms
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