100% - No Major Glitches in 4h 35m 30s by EnNopp112EnNopp112 - 1st place

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EnNopp112EnNopp112 on
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Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on
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EnNopp112EnNopp112 on


Name Duration Finished at
Enter Clock Town 7m 43s 000ms 7m 43s 847ms
Ocarina of Time 8m 35s 000ms 16m 19s 347ms
Grottongo 11m 02s 000ms 27m 22s 076ms
Lens of Truth 4m 01s 000ms 31m 23s 195ms
Goron Mask 6m 00s 000ms 37m 24s 120ms
Donger O's Mask 6m 11s 000ms 43m 35s 880ms
10.01 5m 17s 000ms 48m 53s 503ms
Zora Mask 5m 01s 000ms 53m 55s 065ms
Hookshot 3m 01s 000ms 56m 56s 320ms
Adult's Wallet 6m 25s 000ms 1h 03m 21s 901ms
Beaver Bother 7m 59s 000ms 1h 11m 21s 135ms
laby Skip Skip 7m 28s 000ms 1h 18m 49s 710ms
Fire Arrow 2m 08s 000ms 1h 20m 58s 023ms
Goht's Remains 6m 25s 000ms 1h 27m 23s 970ms
chat, remind me to get sword 8m 08s 000ms 1h 35m 32s 599ms
Light Arrow 5m 17s 000ms 1h 40m 49s 973ms
Enter Inverted Stone Tower Temple 3m 51s 000ms 1h 44m 41s 084ms
Giant's Mask 3m 42s 000ms 1h 48m 23s 937ms
Twinmold's Remains 2m 32s 000ms 1h 50m 56s 568ms
Pictograph Box 5m 05s 000ms 1h 56m 01s 802ms
Mask of Truth 4m 44s 000ms 2h 00m 46s 724ms
Odolwa's Remains 7m 37s 000ms 2h 08m 24s 074ms
Double Magic 4m 48s 000ms 2h 13m 12s 199ms
Bremen Mask 6m 05s 000ms 2h 19m 17s 228ms
Keaton Mask 4m 55s 000ms 2h 24m 13s 219ms
Fish Heart Piece 7m 30s 000ms 2h 31m 43s 447ms
New Wave Bossa Nova 2m 13s 000ms 2h 33m 56s 785ms
Enter Great Bay Temple 4m 11s 000ms 2h 38m 08s 109ms
Ice Arrow 4m 43s 000ms 2h 42m 51s 315ms
George's Remains 5m 43s 000ms 2h 48m 34s 432ms
Mask of Scents 13m 45s 000ms 3h 02m 20s 014ms
Stone Mask 2m 51s 000ms 3h 05m 11s 342ms
Dampé 4m 22s 000ms 3h 09m 33s 487ms
Bank Heart Piece 13m 10s 000ms 3h 22m 44s 314ms
End Cycle 2 5m 18s 000ms 3h 28m 02s 633ms
Epona's Song 5m 50s 000ms 3h 33m 53s 181ms
FrankerZ 1m 49s 000ms 3h 35m 43s 012ms
Lemon Party 1m 40s 000ms 3h 37m 23s 476ms
Blast Mask 12m 45s 000ms 3h 50m 08s 790ms
Mjölk 7m 32s 000ms 3h 57m 41s 284ms
Romani's Mask 5m 40s 000ms 4h 03m 21s 330ms
Circus Leader's Mask 6m 20s 000ms 4h 09m 42s 038ms
End Cycle 3 7m 35s 000ms 4h 17m 18s 019ms
Enter Clock Tower 2m 54s 000ms 4h 20m 12s 388ms
Fierce Deity's Mask 13m 20s 000ms 4h 33m 33s 356ms
Majora 1m 57s 000ms 4h 35m 30s 580ms
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