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Hey, everyone. I'm new to speedrunning in general along with this game. I'm familiar with the game itself and I've seen runs of this game so I'm aware of barrel storage and all. I just had a few questions:
Would it be wise to run on an emulator just for practice until I get a physical copy of the game?
Also when running a physical copy of the game, which is better: virtual console or gba/gameboy player?
And also are there any other things I should note before getting started with it? Such as common mistakes others make or any tips?
Any help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to speedrunning one of my favorite childhood games.


Yo, always nice to see new people wanting to run this game.
First off, Wii U VC is the best version and this helps greatly when learning the game since you have restore points. GBA with the GB player is the same if you don't have a wii u the big difference is that it sometimes can skip an action command which is scary since it can kill the run but doesn't happen often enough imo to go out and buy a wii u if you don't have one. If you don't have either emu is fine though i believe they are hidden in the leaderboards.
Tips are practice coin block timing, this can be hard getting all ten in stardust fields especially if your'e new at it. Another big thing is practice Cackletta. The hard part about her imo is not dodging her attacks but getting the hp manipulation down. It sucks to have a run make it there but you don't do enough damage or you overshoot.
That's pretty much it. Good Luck.

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If you go emulator, I think you should use Bizhawk with the mGBA core as it's accurate to the real console.

VBA v24 or Bizhawk VBA-Next both don't emulate the action command glitch correctly. The same action command can be different compared between VBA and mGBA/Console.

The problem is that Bizhawk may or may not be too laggy. Try it out for yourself (vlacksr also uses it)

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Thanks guys, more than likely will go emulator for the time being until I can put away for a Wii U (so around Christmas most likely). And I figured those two things would be the worst to practice at. I was never good at coin block timing so I will probably have a save state solely for that area to practice. As well as Cackletta, the hp manipulation shouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get down, but I could be wrong.


Must the wii u vc version be the usa or it can be the pal? For glitchless


usa and pal are the same
either is fine


I'm also playing online emulator first. I think it's a great way to train with Mario and Luigi Superstar.