Introduction plus glitch problem
7 years ago
Texas, USA

Hello, I'm new to this community and new to speedrunning. That's right: Superstar Saga will be my first speedgame.

Ok, so I've been learning the any% route and practicing through emulator. Everything was going fine until I started doing sign glitch. Either I'm screwing it up, or the emulator can't replicate the same effect as on console. I'm sure I'm following the tutorial just fine, but I can't get spin jump icon on Luigi.

At the time I'm posting this, I have not tested it on the Wii U vc version yet.

So can someone tell me if I wasn't doing the glitch correctly, or if it was just the emulator.


Only Bizhawk with mGBA-core emulates the action command glitch (that includes sign glitch) correctly. VBA, VBA-rr and VBA-m emulate it incorrectly so the same ID is a different command etc.

The standalone mGBA might be viable for speedrunning, but it may have its own little problems such as input lag. I recommend Bizhawk with the mGBA-core instead.

Otherwise, go on console.

You can tell what you were trying to do exactly.

Btw, I would think the glitch is unforgiving to do for new runners. If you can manage it then ok, but you may want to do glitchless (which is a very unpopular category for some reason but I'd like to see it).

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Wisconsin, USA

I highly recommend practicing and running on Wii U VC if you have access to that version. You are still able to set up a savestate + multiple save files