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Guides  /  -~All Bosses Route~-

by Angela2s7 Last updated
The route is currently being tested by CatlyPaw. She's doing it on stream.

There are currently no runs done, but the fastest known time that was segmented is 21:35 IGT by CatlyPaw. It would of been 22:0x if I took the time to do the Giant X Bosses but I was kind of lazy.

The rules are simple: beat the game, while defeating each boss in the game. Timing starts from saying yes to new file and ends on the final text box vanishing. We use save and quit now so it is arbitrary to end timer at the result screen, and save and quitting is required in Any% so the run has changed. Back to All Bosses; there are 40 bosses in the game (25 bosses and 15 X Bosses)

This guide assumes you know what the abbreviation means and how to perform the glitches to not get lost in these notes.

* = Normal Mode

!! ????
No, Yes (Quiz)
!! Smoldergeist*
!! Dreamy Mario*

-~-Mushrise Park-~-
Early Hammers
Feather Skip
Red Shells

-~-Dozing Sands-~-
!!!Robo Drilldigger

-~-Mount Pajamaja 1-~-
Early Mushrise Treeboard
EMtP (WtA)
Hit switch for peak
Get Spin Jump
Revive Pi'illo on the right
Revive Pi'illo on the left
Side Drill
Head to Paja Peak
Get WtW from Pi'illos
MtPS (Get Mid-Paja Golden Pipe)
Leave Mt. Pajamaja
Head to Wakeport

Bye Bye Cannon pieces
Popple's cutscene
Tour Centre & Big Massif cutscenes
Wakeport WtW (on both)
Collect most pieces
Hit Red Switch
Early Bedsmith
Enter Big Massif's Dreams
!!The 4 Hooraws
!!Big Massif
Head for Mushrise Park while collecting last few pieces of Bye Bye Cannon

-~-Driftwood Shore-~-
!! Grobot
! Luiginary Ball attack
!! Antasma & Bowser
Mushrise WtW
Go to Driftwood Shore
Talk to Broque Madame
Driftwood WtW
Hit topleft switch
Break a rock bottom right to see Seabelle
Hit switch in left gold pipe room, hit rock
Get Drifting Sheets
Finish second Mole Hunt Mini-Game
Finish Dream World bottom left
Finish Dream World top
Finish Dream World bottom right
!! Elite Trio

-~-Mount Pajamaja 2-~-
Driftwood WtW
Head to Somnom Woods
Enter Golden Pipe in Somnom Woods
Head to Mount Pajamaja
Get MtP-WtW, skip revivals
!! Mammoshka
Luiginary Hammers
!!! Giant Battle: Mt. Pajamaja

Use Golden Pipe from Peak Paja to Pi'illo Castle
Start Ultibed Quest
Fight the 3 Bandits in Blimport
Head to Mid-Pajamaja (Golden Pipe in Pi'illo Castle)
Ball Hop, Slingsniper
Pajamaja Rock Frame
Golden Pipe to Somnom Woods
Get Snare Wear
!! Pi'illodium
!!! Zeekeeper
Use Golden Pipe in SmW to DzS
!! Torkscrew*
Get Gift Gloves DX from Bandits (1 pair)
Dozing Mattress

-~-Neo Bowser Castle-~-
Use Golden Pipe from DzS Ultibed area to MrP
NBC Skip (get both pipes)
Get POW Scarves DX
Get Wellington Boots (Flaming Antasmaton, 1% chance)
NBC Skip Part 2
Grind Beans for 1 to 3 hours in Bowser's Dream (~250 POW needed on Mario)
!!! Giant Bowser
!! Antasma*
!! Kamek 3 (Right Pipe, south)*
!! Kamek 2 (Left pipe)*
Leave NBC, use NBC Golden Pipe to PCa

-~-Clean up-~-
Go to Boss Arena
!! All X bosses
!!! All Giant Bosses
Use PCa Golden Pipe to Wakeport
!! Wiggler & Popple*
Use WkP Pipe to NBC
Finish puzzle in Kamek 1
!! Kamek 1*
Head to Dreamy Bowser
!!!!! Dreamy Bowser*
Le Fin~
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