200cc is live!
Alaska, USA

200cc rules could really stand to be more specific. But big questions i'm gonna link to twd98's 59:50 run of 200cc 32 track. hopefully it starts where i want it to but if not check out what he does on CM. he uses the top ramp to jump out of bounds and then goes under the track to skip to another section. Is that allowed? what if i were to do that but come back in bounds at the line instead of skipping half the track? I think the rules could stand to be clearer rather then just saying you can do what would be allowed online because more can be done on 200cc then could be done before.What about the thing on toads factor where you go from the ramp coming out of the factory section trick and land behind the bulldoser then clip through them to come back? that allowed?

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Madison, WI, USA

I think the rules are specific enough. If the cut is possible, then it's allowed. It's just a skips run but dictated by Ultra UnCut.

I don't want to get strong with the ban-hammer yet because new skips will be discovered and I don't want to have to decide legality on every new cut.

I also personally think the new cuts in 200cc add a good amount of timesave, risk, and spectacle to the run that 150cc No Skips tended to lack.

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