Rules for runs
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Are there restrictions for the rules you need to use in the in-game rules section?

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@Weexy Apologies for the late response. I do not understand the question.

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Francesco he means the settings like 150cc and so

Utrecht, Netherlands

Sorry, I didn't know where to see what the restrictions are but now I do so no need to help out anymore.

Yeah I know, pretty dumb...

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Michigan, USA

Haha no worries bud.

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Didn't know where to ask this, but I noticed the spear lightning cup time is done in team vs. is that allowed? Since that would significantly decrease the amount of items that hit you.

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Why wouldn’t it be?

The only rules are you must complete the shell cup and use the torpedo

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Actually I'd really like a mod to clarify this cause that would be a big deal if you can.

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all my runs on teams vs were verified by mods so obviously you can

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There's a few of these gray areas where the rules weren't specific enough when they were last revised. One of them is team mode, the other is using Grand Prix in the cup categories. I've also seen people set CPU bikes/karts, though I'm not sure the impact of that since CPU ability could be preferred either way due to sandbagging.

I've been keeping track of the team mode runs submitted, and I think I remember who submitted a GP run. I verified them because they're technically not against the rules.

I ended up writing a big post here: Let me know what you think there.

The rules will change slightly on these leaderboards due to IGT being a thing here already.

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North Brabant, Netherlands

@charlocharlie Is team allowed or not? because now team runs are wrs

Madison, WI, USA

Team is currently allowed due to lack of detailed rules. I wrote that post to see if people actually want it allowed or not. You can respond to the main thread with your opinion.

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