Leaderboard Layout Changes (Items)
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Leaderboard Layout Changes (Items)
Madison, WI, USA

All the standard speedrun type categories (32/16/cups) now allow Balanced, Strategic, and None item settings, similar to how 200cc was created. Existing runs have had their variable defaulted to Balanced.

These are setup as variables that don't obsolete each other, so if you do a run in each Balanced, Strategic, and None items, all 3 runs will appear on the same leaderboard. You can use filters to see the best run under an item category. This setup reduces leaderboard clutter and prevents this change from tripling the number of categories.

To accomplish this elegantly, the Time Trials leaderboard had to be moved to a separate parent category. It can be found in the 'Misc.' dropdown. All existing Time Trial runs were migrated manually.

There were a few runs I rejected for not using the correct items. I'll try to go back and approve those now. Shoutouts to @Schipjee for bugging me to get this done.

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North Brabant, Netherlands

Now all that's left is me getting mod XD

This is just to make this more fun to run for everyone!