Skips/No Skips
North Brabant, Netherlands

I know u say that skips are allowed, but i think make skips and no skips category's is a good idea because some ppl cant really do those glitches.

In most categories, you won't be able to do most glitches anyway (like karts only, where you can't do clips glitches and you can't wheelie). In categories where you can do them, its still mostly pointless given how memey they are in the first place. If you can't do a glitch, its probably not a good idea to put it in your run in the first place. In my opinion, it's fine how it is right now.

Michigan, USA

Yeah I'm just gonna leave it the way it is unless further problem comes up. Both Grumble Volcano and Mushroom Gorge glitches are easy with karts, and coconut mall is possible but difficult.