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I have read the rules for Vanilla CTGP Settings as followed.

Custom Tracks: OFF Remove Game Music?: NO 'My Stuff' Folder: OFF Save game on SD card?: NO Special Fonts: OFF

While I usually do my runs on the original disk copy of the game, I know there are some different category's I want to try that I will have to use CTGP for (like 200cc and Item Rain for example). I understand why the settings for CTGP are they way they are, but the only issue I have for it is that if we are going by the 'My Stuff' Folder being turned off, that means you can't use a custom music pack during a run. I understand why track and character textures would not be allowed, but in my eyes, custom music doesn't really affect the gameplay at all. And this also unfortunate, because I wouldn't mind taking a break from using the regular music from the original game once in a while to put on a custom music pack.

So pretty much what I want to know why we can't use a custom music pack and if there could be any potential way to make an exception to only have custom music in the my stuff folder and nothing else for a run, because once again in my eyes, I don't really see adding a custom music pack and using it during a speedrun on CTGP taking advantage of the gameplay, unless something happened in a scenario that I don't know about.

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The original idea with these settings is that with them, CTGP is indistinguishable from vanilla MKWii (unless you use WiiU USB GC Mode). So that was the condition that allowed CTGP.

Enabling 'My Stuff' increases load times regardless, which obviously doesn't affect the IGT categories, but is a big deal for the RTA categories. Not sure if enabling "Remove Custom Music" reduces load times or not.

I think the main risk in enabling 'My Stuff' is people gaining an advantage from making visuals clearer or amplifying certain sound effects like shell noises.

As a compromise, I'd be okay with allowing "Remove Game Music" if it is shown not to impact load times. I actually prefer when people use CTGP with vanilla settings because it ensures that people aren't running Gecko/Ocarina codes. It just worry about any unfair advantage it introduces over vanilla.

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