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Can Mirror Mode be added to the Miscellaneous category? Since it is an unlockable CC variant, one would interpret it as a Mode of Higher Difficulty.

Also, any consideration for adding controller types (i.e. the Wheel)? Using the Wheel is easily verifiable since it indicates it on the Player scores during the Cup. Just curious!


The wheel is just a piece of plastic. And I would consider the choice whether to use a nunchuck or not as part of the strategy, just like the choice of character, cart or automatic/manual.

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Wait, what? "Using the Wheel is easily verifiable since it indicates it on the Player scores during the Cup." How? It can't possibly detect that.

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  Super Modcharlocharlie

Considering just adding mirror mode as an alternative to 150cc, not a separate category. See here:

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~Fabian42, the Wheel is detected. See this screenshot I posted on Imgur (free image hosting site) in which there is a wheel icon between the Time and the Points:

In my opinion, the Wheel isn't equivalent to the nunchuck and takes a longer time to master. Anyways, it'd just interesting to see it as a column option similar to Character, Vehicle, Platform.

~charlocharlie, that'd be great! Especially if other Mario Kart Leaderboards support that option.


Top wheel players in a 32 track speedrun will barely have a disadvantage due to RNG. Not worthy of a separate category imo


I'm pretty sure that's just the indicator for being either a player or the player with the first Wiimote. If not, please tell me how it could detect that.


In my opinion, for someone that gets good using Time Trials, Mirror Mode throws a bit of a monkey wrench in their gameplay, since even though it's the same track, only mirrored, it can sometimes feel like an entirely different track. For some people, they don't see it this way, but that's just my two cents on the matter.

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