There is IGT, so why not Dolphin allowed?
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There is IGT, so why not Dolphin allowed?

Hi, I see that in the leaderboards there are IGT. So why not allow Dolphin for the speedruns? I don't understand...

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North Brabant, Netherlands

You can easily make a TAS and play it back

European Union

As Jeroen said, Dolphin makes cheating quite easy. Also the leaderboards are not IGT, they're RTA. There just happens to also be an IGT column

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@AQLGamers really easy to make a TAS, really hard to detect a TAS and the learderboard mods don't want to make subcategories on top of the tons of categories already here.

Aberdeen, Scotland

And not only that, you also need a decent pc to get dolphin running >= 60fps, which limits some people to console, and makes detecting dolphin submissions easy from runners with bad PCs. Oh and yeah, normal dolphin is mega banned, Dolphin LUA Core is giga banned.

Florida, USA

"You can easily make a TAS and play it back" You do know TAS Tools can be toggled on or off within Dolphin, right? You don't have to ban the emulator outright - just ban use of the TAS Tools.

Québec City, QC

@Black-Shadow Anyone can just replay an input file since even if you turn off TAS tools, it doesn't show you when a input file is been played back.

Florida, USA

And that goes for console users too, right? So that means physical Wiis should be banned to because TAS files can be replayed on there too.

Aberdeen, Scotland

You cannot replay TAS files of non-TT gamemodes on Wii. The input files will desync.

Also your point makes no sense. If Wii is banned, the game boards should be deleted because there would be no way to play the game.

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