Will dolphin ever be allowed?
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Will dolphin ever be allowed?

Hey guys, I know it's a pretty controversial topic so just wanna note I don't have an opinion on the whole deal in terms of allowing/disallowing it but will emulators/dolphin ever be allowed? I've lurked over here for a while now but never been able to compete because it's not simple for me to get a wii/wii u, controllers, a new game, capture card and set everything up. I checked different forums here and it seems like the answer has always been "maybe" from what I can tell and just hoped for some clarity on that answer

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Hey, im not a moderator but im pretty sure it will never be allowed. The reason is simple, it is just to easy to cheat in the runs. Even if its just a slow speed increasement by like a few percentages and much more like good and legit looking TAS runs.. To do that on console is much harder and more obvious so dont expect dolphin to get allowed but like i said im not a moderator and i do not have any impact on that. I just said what i think about it, i hope it helped you a bit maybe a moderator can confirm / rufute this.