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5 years ago

So I've recently been talking to Lafungo about the vídeo limit problems on individual cups as some of the WRs don't need vídeo proof to be verified due to rules been made before they added different sub- categories such as No Items, Strategic and the rest. So Lafungo told me I could be a Mod/Verifier soon but first I had to tell you about this issue and if it is highly accepted I will try my best to change this (When I am Mod)

Texas, USA

I do believe there needs to be more done about video proof.


What do you suggest then, I was saying that I could change the rules and add vídeo limits for the sub- categories which I mentioned in the other post and change some of then as sometimes only the WR needs vídeo because of the strong vídeo requirements

Texas, USA

I think video proof should be required for submitting a run.


No matter what, a WR should have video proof... I mean it's WR

All these WRS for no items On some of the cups have no video... It's so dumb

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That's what I was saying, if people don't like this method of speedruns (vídeo limit) then I could change if I become a Mod, but this needs to be highly requested so other mods see it as well

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Any WR needs to have video proof because well its a WR duh. As a no items runner myself ive seen how some of the WR have no proof its dumb.


That's why I made this thread, if this is highly requested I will tell Lafungo about this and I will change it