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I really want to run this game, but my emulator was banned for being too inaccurate. Is there any phone emulators that are accurate or is there none?


The rejection notes said that phone emulators are banned but I was told by a person in the DS discord that one emulator ,Drastic, is accurate but is mostly considered inaccurate by communities


Goomba, or one of the mods, is it ok that I use Drastic since I was told by one of the runners on Discord that Drastic was accurate?


just don't use phone emus? It's a complete joke to use one like that

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I don't have anything else to Mario Kart on. I have a phone and that's it. I had a DS but it is officially broken. So, I'm basically screwed. I don't have a computer to use at the moment as well


Rykker, just wait until your ds gets fixed. Phone emus are easy to cheat on, especially if you don't record your runs. Also, it is just annoying for me personally since the controls on phone emus are fricken terrible, so I'm kinda surprised you did a speedrun on a phone emu. I know you personally and I know you wouldn't cheat, but Goomba and the other mods don't know you, so they are already going to question a run from a newcomer, especially if it has no video (did you record your run?).


Speak for yourselves. I've tied some il wrs on nsmb ds with drastic. It's much harder to run, but that doesn't mean it should be banned. Just record yourself opening the cheat menu and showing that its empty before runs. Drastic is basically the only good emulator on mobile, and i believe it should be allowed to run on it. (maybe ban all other mobile emulators though)



I've tied some il wrs on nsmb ds with drastic. It's much harder to run, but that doesn't mean it should be banned.

How is holding right and occasionally jumping comparable to a 3D karting game? lol

The RTA accuracy is completely wack, yes, also on drastic. I'm not going to deal with that and add 40s to a run just to make it comply with "standard" rta timing.

If you really wanted to play MKDS, there's Wii U VC, there's cheap DSes out there, esp when combining it with an R4 card. I do allow emulator from PC since those seem to be more accurate RTAwise (still inaccurate so I don't prefer these at all, especially not in top 10 or top 5).

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