Konquest Category
Texas, USA

Hey, I was wondering why Konquest wasnt a category, I would be cool with helping moderate these old MK games that have a story mode. I think it deserves to be showcased and just wanna open the game to more speedrun variety

Michigan, USA

It's not out of the question. I just never thought to do it because the Konquest in this game isn't a 3D Action/Adventure sort of deal like it is in the other two.

I'll ask the guys about setting one up.

Jönköping, Sweden

Personally I don't believe Konquest makes sense for the sake of speedrunning for this game. It's basically a scripted practice mode that forces you to learn how to execute moves with a fight attached at the end. Even the story mode categories for later installments makes more sense than this.

As far as konquest goes, they certainly refined the mode for Deception and Armageddon. If one had to speedrun it, those modes makes more sense than this one.