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I'm proposing today is a complete overhaul of board. I propose switching over to a load time removed based timing format across all categories, removing the need for a console split, alongside hardware vs emulator splits (which definitely can cause issues when it comes to new category editions etc). Alongside this, the addition of certain requested categories, a la, diffculty based runs, puzzle kombat, 100%s, glitchless' etc.

Could i please gather everyones thoughts on this?

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I feel this would be really helpful for those with messed up disks that have slower load times, as well as those who don't want to spend hours upon hours getting better at the game to learn times to use breakers, and which combos to use and when. It just lowers the skill ceiling that later MK games like MK11 don't have


The changes to the board are about 50% implemented. You'll notice there is no longer a console split, nor an emulator split.

The order of all the runs may be a bit out whack, as I've retimed a few of them, but am still working through them all. Please bear with me as I finish everything up 🙂

To-Do list:
- Load remove the rest of the runs not yet processed. (This is where the majority of the workload will come from).
- Update the rulesets across the entire board


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for me it was much better as it was before, now you enter mk decepcion and you do not understand anything 😒


Would you care to elaborate on this, as I'm more than welcoming to any feedback or ideas that're thrown my way?


Yes yes, the good thing I like is that you put the chess and puzzle kombat with the other modes, I mean, that was very good, and what I don't like very much is the fact that there are so many modes for arcade, konquest, etc.


What I would like the most is that you put for example in arcade, put ps2 psp xbox and so on for all modes and that you only put the difficulties for each console


sorry for my english if you don't understand 🤔

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The reason for so many modes for Arcade is that you have 3 different ways to do the run. Any% which will basically be novice difficulty with 1 round, standard % which will be normal difficulty with 2 rounds and Max which is the standard Arcade runs that originally existed. Similar thing for Konquest, as you have it glitchless and with glitches, as well has any difficulty and max difficulty.

DWednesday also is removing load times so we can put all platforms into the same leaderboard, as opposed to a different console and if it's emulator or the actual console.

I hope this helps explain it all a little better. I tried to keep it as basic of English that I could, but with a subject like speedrunning, simple things don't really exist

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How exactly are loads being removed, and what was the incentive behind merging actual hardware with emulator? Usually with old gen non PC games, removing loads isn't as simple as removing the "Now loading" screens, as there are other things in these old games that "load" as well. I don't want to assume about MK:D before i've looked into it any, I've just done a lot of load removal comparisons for multiple games on multiple platforms and have seen it in all of them, so I worry about it with this game as well. I was interested in running this game's Konquest on PS2 when everything was separated by console, but I'm kind of being turned away by emulator runs being mixed with hardware because in almost every case, emulator has an inherent advantage over hardware, sometimes beyond just loads (more consistent FPS in certain places, etc).


Hiya @GlitcheddGlitchedd 🙂
Thanks for the post.

To answer, "load removing" is a broad term, and we may not be taking the most sophisticated approach to it. By that I mean, we don't have any autosplitter scripts or anything like that. We're essentially frame by frame analysing each submission, and manually removing sections we deem to be "loads", detailed in the post found in the guides section.

The board is still a little out of whack because of this, order-wise, as not all previous submissions have yet to recieve this treatment.

In the case of console merging, and emulator vs console. There has been a little amount of research done in regard to how various versions perform against others. With MKD not being the most popular game, we didn't deem the split necessary, however it's not something that couldn't be implemented in the future if further informatuon presents itself.

Hope that may clear a few things up, but please feel free to post anything else you may want to know or that may concern you.

Thanks 🙂

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