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So as the point of the challenge is hitting yourself with a blue shell you threw yourself would it count if you shell first place and drive into the explosion. I thought about it cause i just saw the wr history couldn't that together with the glider strats reduce the time even more. Well unless being in the explosion radius doesn't count as hitting yourself.

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The Rules say "YOU must throw the blue shell, and it must target and explode on YOU"

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literally had the exact same thought from the wr progression video. Would have been cool to see more optimisation, but I think the problem is if you don't include the rule that the shell has to target you then the best time will eventually be 30 seconds + time it takes for blue shell to go to first, circle around and hit target


You have to get to 1st and then throw the shell. The shell must target you.


Another question: Does the timer start when you throw the shell or when you begin the race?


"Time starts on the frame that Lakitu's lights turn green."

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Yep. Please read the rules very carefully. We tried to make everything excruciatingly clear because we've gotten so many questions about the ruleset.


And good luck beating that WR. Enjoy the grind for perfect RNG... and then getting it done perfectly on top of that lol


thanks. i never actually blued myself (except once) so i dont expect to get wr or even under 40 secs

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