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Hello everyone! In the interest of preventing 99% and 100% from becoming competitions of who can take the fewest breaks (which is unhealthy and could lead to injury), we've decided to implement a break system so runners can take some time to rest, eat, etc., without their time being punished. This will only affect the few people who decide to tackle these categories, but I wanted to make sure everyone who's interested was aware of it. Major credit goes to the Super Mario Odyssey speedrun community; I adapted this from the rules of SMO's All Moons/100% categories. Props to them for coming up with a fantastic system! Feel free to reply to this post with any questions. Here's a summary:

To start a break, you must press the Home button to suspend the game software, and the software must remain suspended for the entirety of the break.

Runs start out with 1 break and 15 minutes in the pool, and get another break and 15 minutes added to that pool after every 4 hours of runtime.

- Under 4 hrs - 1 break, 15 minutes total
- 4 - 8 hrs - 2 breaks, 30 minutes total
- 8 - 12 hrs - 3 breaks, 45 minutes total
- 12 - 16 hrs - 4 breaks, 60 minutes total
- etc.

Breaks can be saved for later, meaning that the first break does not have to be taken within the first 4 hours of the run. However, a break should not be taken before you passed the required runtime for it to get added to the pool. As an example, the third break for runs lasting longer than 8 hours should not be taken before you passed the 8-hour mark. Breaks have neither a minimum nor a maximum length, but you cannot exceed your total break time. If you take a 7-minute break in the first 4 hours of the run, your second break past the 4-hour mark can take up to 23 minutes.

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