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This is an idea of a category extension.
(It would include this categories)
- 48 Tracks - 150cc - No Items
- 48 Tracks - 200cc - No Items
- 48 Tracks - 150cc - Items
- 48 Tracks - 200cc - Items
My final time in that category was 6:58:07.8
(Extra: I know that maybe I can't be on the leaderboard due to the video proof but at least create the category for other players)

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It can be done in GP or VS mode.
Starts when you press "OK" after selecting the first cup; ends at the finish line of the last course of the last category.
You are allowed to start on cups other than Mushroom Cup, as long as you finish each category.
Top 5 requires video proof. Best 3 cartridge submissions also require video proof.
- Mirror Mode is allowed
- Teams: No Teams
- Frantic Mode is not allowed.
- Vehicles: All Vehicles
- CPU: Hard CPU
- You have to finish the four categories, this includes changing to the next category.
The menu displaying the above settings in VS Mode has to be shown.

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How about "Unlock Gold Mario"
Time starts on starting up the game and selecting a user.
Time ends when Gold Mario's entry sample is heard.
You must play all 48 tracks on 200cc Grand Prix.
Runs under 2:30:00 require video proof.
The Top 3 Physical runs also require video proof.


well u might aswell do the unlock gold cart run

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