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Yo Mods, Just wondering if you might just add a 2 player category, it would be pretty cool for all the individual cups.

Me and my dad are both experienced MK8DX Players, and want to do a speedrun to together on it.


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I think in the standard speedrun, 2P doesn't really offer much. I think it lacks that teamwork aspect that makes most 2P speedruns interesting.

I can maybe see it working in a shine thief category extension, where one player takes the shine and the other player defends.

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i actually like the idea but no one would play this, it's not like in smk where the strats change it's literally two speedrunner doing a run at the same time


Thanks for the suggestion! The mods will consider it. We've had several submissions in 2P mode and requests for this in the past, too. We'd probably only add the 16 and 48 track categories (like most other category extensions) to keep things from getting too specific.
I do think optimal 2P item play has a lot of interesting strat potential. However, as @Man4r3dyMan4r3dy mentioned, no items runs would just be regular speedruns but limited by the slower player, so we'd probably limit the new categories to items only if we add this.

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(I forgot to mention that this would definitely go on the category extensions leaderboard. I didn't realize this wasn't already the ce forum)

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