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I tried doing another Mario Kart 8 run with the recommended ruleset. I put the rules at:

No Teams
All Items
Hard COM
Any Vehicles
In Order
32 Races

I was doing good, but when I got hit by lightning 70% of the time, I stopped when I git hit for the last time on Cheep Cheep Beach. The items should be set to "Mushrooms Only" because it gives us no hazards from items (shells, lightning, etc.) and gives us a higher chance of using shortcuts.

All Items: Every single item including the fucking lightning bolt and horrible item system.
Mushrooms Only: Mushrooms [and Coins] 100% of the time and gives us access to shortcuts more often and makes it more of a speedrun.

So, it's either Mushrooms, or Riot. Kappa


Thats just a facet of playing Mario Kart, if you want to not have runs affected by RNG then the itemless categories exist.


If you dislike Lightning/Blue shell that much why not run Itemless? Also, we won't be adding a category because a few people want it. What is stopping you from running this yourself?