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So I believe I found a glitch in this game, but it's not beneficial but more of a PSA that this could happen on a run. Basically my character got stuck on a part of the track and I couldn't move for a minute until Lakitu picked me up. I'm not sure if it's happened to anybody before but I might as well ask.

Live reaction here -


Looks like the game thinks you are falling of the stage while in fact you are not. Not really sure though, just what I think what it might be. Its most likely a frame perfect thing where the game thinks you should be picked up by lakitu, but also not.


Its a weird clip into the stage from what I can tell. Never seen anything like that but I'm looking forward to hearing an answer to this glitch.


i think it is a pixil perfect landing where you land on one pixel and the game thinks you are falling out of the course but are back on the frame after so the game does not know how to react because you are supposed to be falling but now are on the track so you can not move.


Someone else did this - video from the mariokart subreddit.