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Third forum thread now...

Does the setting for computer players HAVE to be set at Hard? Why not Easy or Normal? It is a speedrun, so we should have the freedom to set it at any difficulty. What difference does it make with the computers in speedruns, besides items?


If we make it so that you got to choose the difficulty of the races, it will be unfair compared to other who choose a different difficulty. Choosing hard makes it so it's even. The difference between the difficulties is something I'm unsure about.


You're right, Vincent. We should have freedom to choose.


As a MKWii mod, the choice of having CPU different difficulty is like the debate over item sets in MKWii. Hard COM add a different element to keep the rubber banding, to keep CPUs challenging the run. Its made to keep everything even. On easy, CPUs wont be as intense as CPUs on hard. Its having Balanced Items VS Strategic Items in MKWii.


It has been a rule from the start. Keep in mind that we are speedrunners and not casuals. I agree it only affects Item speedrun, but it can sometimes be harder for beginners. As you said, it doesnt really affect the speedruns which don't use items, but that is from a point where you have enough skill to keep being infront of CPU's, this doesn't apply for everyone though (Beginners to the game). I personally don't see a strong argument in having easier difficulties in the speedruns in here to be honest. People never had problems with using Hard Difficulty since they started speedrunning this game, and it has been used in previous Mario Karts aswell.