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With my runs recently and comparing them to others I've found that NTSC has the most inconsistent load times from pressing start in the beginning to actually skipping the track intro cutscene and they are also longer than all the other versions. Going from track to track seems to be more consistent but I could play a cup the same exact way twice and get times that can be up to 10sec of difference just from loads.

I was wondering if we just removed loads all together or made a loadless time thing next to the original. I can understand why you wouldn't do it because that would mean retiming EVERY SINGLE run on the leaderboard but it was just a concern because the loading times can affect players even with digital because it can vary there too.

I did look at older forums and saw the research you guys did and it seemed pretty solid but NTSC still has crazy lod times and could be a sturggle for most players. Maybe instead of retiming all runs just start the timer once Lakitu says go and other loads should be better as they're more consistent.