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Hello, everyone. I'm fairly new to the speedrunning community but I've been playing MK8 for a year and a half now. I've gotten pretty gnarly on an inward bike and I'm interested in doing some no item speedruns. I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered! I already skimmed through most of the forums on here.

I peeped at the No Items Nitro, Retro and DLC categories and I noticed that there are about 4-8 runners per category (which is a very small amount of people). I read on a forum that stated top 5 runs must have video proof. Let's say I happen to get a 3rd ranking time out of 5 people. Abiding by the rules, will I have to post video proof for that run? I don't have a capture device, unfortunately. I also noticed some recent (months old) top 5 runs don't have video proof. Maybe these specific runners have the same problem as I do? I could record my TV screen on a camera but those HD files sizes are ridonkulous. Do the admins let this situation slide because there are so little players in this specific category?

Sorry for the long read, lol


For the leaderboards which have only a small amount of runners (close to 5), only WR needs proof. Ofcourse, not everyone is able to record just yet, but using a phone for example for recording or a webcam is totally fine.


TFW you get a pb and realize phone randomly stopped recording 15 minutes in xD Don't want to submit a time w/o a vid tho.


Thanks SnipinG for the answer. ^That's what I'm afraid of happening xD. I guess I'll try to record my runs on a camera. Good thing I have a decent sized SD card for hour long videos.