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Why not? There are quite a few speedrunning communities that have their respective discord channels, so why not? Plus this game has a LOT of runners, so it would be better than to just use the forums, which are dead anyway. Thoughts?

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I agree 🙂
Theres literally a discord for many other games (examples are galaxy 1, 2, super Mario sunshine, sm64, and so on) I don't see why it wouldn't happen


I read somewhere that there was a skype group but I have NO idea where that is. And discord is better for large groups anyway.


I could get a channel going in the /r/mariokart discord for this if anyone wants? It would probably be general-mariokart speedrunning related though- not just mk8. Or a unique server for mk8 only might be cool too.


I didn't even know r/mariokart even had a discord xD But a speedrunning channel in there would be pretty cool.


The skype group died a long time ago, however, I've made a discord server for those who are interested.