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I would love to start speedrunning MK7, but I feel as though the video quality would be abysmal if a run was recorded using an outside camera. Citra's far more accurate than it was a year ago, and many other 3DS Speedrun games are moving in that direction. I’ve got a save I ported from my digital copy of MK7 on my 3DS, is there a reason for not recording on an emulator?


Far more accurate =/= accurate enough.
We still find inaccuracies on Game Boy emulators we thought were perfect, while the Game Boy is about 30 years old. Pokémon Gen 3 runs completed on an emulator are hidden by default on the leaderboards because the available emulators aren't accurate enough, even though the console is 18 years old. DS emulators are universally known to not be accurate (running games faster than the original hardware) and the DS was released almost 15 years ago.
Given that the 3DS is barely 8 years old and that it's by far the console people have had the most trouble hacking and emulating, you CANNOT realistically expect Citra to be nearly as accurate as it needs to be to be considered as an eligible platform for speedruns. Please come back in 10 years, or with extended testing that proves Citra is running at a consistent framerate, that's both close enough to the 3DS framerate, and not higher than it.
Or just potato cam your 3ds screen for runs, we're also fine with that.

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citra is still absurdly inaccurate. idk which 3ds boards your looking at that accept them.

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Just putting your phone off a table or what I do (put at an angle in my shirt) work well enough to capture the screen. You’ll see most runs don’t even have videos, so even 240p can be good. I do have a problem of not being able to do larger categories due to storage, but it’s probably the cheapest and easiest. You could also get a capture card but those are expensive.


Streaming works fine as well, that way you don't have to worry about storage

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Well alrighty, thanks for the replies, Happy 2029 everyone~