Where would I go for individual track records?
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Where would I go for individual track records?

I'm a pretty decent player, and I was wondering if there would be a place to compare myself to other players instead of just a world record. Is there an active forum for just time trials for MK7? Cause this is the only active forum I've seen that's active and it seems to only be for 150cc GP runs.

The times I'm looking to compare were 1:56.573 on RIW and 1:05.725 on MW with glitch.

New Hampshire, USA

These leaderboards isn't just comparing to WR, it's comparing to all runs.

North Carolina, USA

MikachuMk7 what is your discord username including the 4 numbers at the end? I will dm you and invite you to the Mario kart 7 players page discord. Probably exactly what you wanted. On the Mario kart 7 players page though, you put down your times for all 32 courses and then it will tell you what rank you are. Don't be disappointed if you get a bad rank because the players page people are the best of the best. I will walk you through how to sign up and get your times down if you want on discord.

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My discord is ABC_Salt_Lord#2622

And I'm expecting most of my ranks to be awful, as I haven't put effort into most of the tracks, just a few I really like.

Thanks for the answers guys

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North Carolina, USA

Didn't work so I'll type it out (can't copy and paste because I'm on mobile) https://discord.gg/AJ4FTgU


And https://mkwrs.com/mk7/ for the current wrs.

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