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new category suggestions

I would like to propose 2 new categories.

  1. hit a cow %. It this run you must get over the fence in moo moo farm and hit a cow as quickly as possible.

  2. Single course (brake). Driving a course as fast as possible but B must always be held down so that steam is coming from the wheels. (If someone with suitable talent could win all cups while doing this that would also be a fun category, alas I am not sure how feasible that is.)

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Any/All, He/Him
2 years ago

If a Mario Kart 64 Category Extension page was added, these could be in them, but it's most likely these won't be added, fun ideas, but the current Mario Kart 64 page is for more serious runs. I'd definitely do these meme runs and there are plenty of ideas for additional meme runs, but as I said before, it would have to be a category extension like how The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a category extension for things such as Dank% and Go Home and Die.

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If I had a N64 or I knew how to work an emulator I would happily try this but I’m can’t which I am sad about 😕

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List of good emulators: