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so i recently did some testing on a couple of emulators for king of dragons on snes and discovered that SNES9x is not as accurate as everyone thought. it's not off by much but you can view all my findings here

however bsnes and bizhawk seem to run about the same as hardware. i did some demo tests for mk1 just for clarification and these were the results

The Timing:

BSNES Demo Footage:

Bizhawk Demo Footage:

SNES9X 1.54 Demo Footage:

SNES9X 1.60 Demo Footage:

MISTer Demo Footage:

Hardware Demo Footage:

i will also be submitting comparison's like this for the other mk games on the snes so that bsnes and bizhawk can be allowed for runs.

what the mods decide to do about the 9x runs or the emu itself is up to's not a huge difference. but it is innaccurate

would like to hear the community's thoughts on this!

MKII Leaderboard discussion:



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got some testing done on Higan aswell which is a multi-system emu like bizhawk that also runs on BSNES core

MK1 Higan:

Demo Footage:

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got more emulator testing done, this time on castlevania 4.

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