Speedrun Guide
5 years ago
Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello everyone, I have been a fan of this game for almost 5 years now and I have decided to start Speedrunning this game.

I just wondering what is the best method of attack when it comes to collecting all the "keys"? At the moment I'm just doing objectives floor by floor, but I feel there is a more efficient way to run the game, any tips or ideas??

Best Regards ~Harrison


Hello! Glad to have you join the community :)

When it comes to the key order, I would currently recommend following the WR route for collecting the keys, as my own route has been made obsolete since and I haven't had another shot at running it in a while. While the WR run has the best route so far though, there's always room for improvement as we're still a small community and the most optimal routes likely haven't been found yet.

Hope that answered your question well enough, haha. Good luck on your speedruns!

Nova Scotia, Canada

Thank you. To be honest, that was what I was planning, look at WR, and then some trial and error of my own. This was more to confirm if there was anything concrete yet in regards to runs :)


I like your idea, Shijifusu. To help this guide, some minutes ago I finish a little scheme of the items in Misao: DE. If you have any idea of what to do now, please say!

Nova Scotia, Canada

I've replied to your thread