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Timing starts on the first frame of the still image and ends on the first frame of the green Scare lighting up (instead of red Standby).

Scarefloor: 21.48
Mailroom: 36.11
Main Street: 19.78
Sulley's Apartment: 21.69
Garbage Disposal: 16.71
Himalayas: 19.21
Door Vault: 16.85
Showdown: 16.48
Total: 2:48.31

Scarefloor: 14.03
Mailroom: 13.03
Main Street: 13.43
Sulley's Apartment: 14.37
Garbage Disposal: 11.30
Himalayas: 13.33
Door Vault: 11.60
Showdown: 11.03
Total: 1:41.13

Conclusion: PS3VC saves an additional 1:07.18 over PS2 during load screens. PS3VC will be accepted, and all runs will subtract the appropriate load times from the RTA of the run.