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I've made a few polls in response to some of the discussion that has happened in the discord server for the leaderboards of this game, I'm going to post them all here for archiving purposes and for people to vote in them. Please take a look at the following polls and let your vote be heard ❤️

Use of Hover Glitch in a NMG/NMS category: https:/​/​www.​strawpoll.​me/​18561816/​

Allowing Blade of Judgement (bonus item for owning RuTM) in Any% and 100%(name pending) categories: https:/​/​www.​strawpoll.​me/​18561717

Which ending to use: https:/​/​www.​strawpoll.​me/​18557566


Thank you everyone who participated in these polls, the leaderboards have now been created ❤️