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Hey Guys, podderz here.
Im very sorry, but Mindathon would have to be cancelled until another time.
Im sorry guys, but I kinda realised m family has personal issues, as my mother said that she was going to put my house "the streaming house, aka the house that my Dad lives in" for sale, and we'll be forced to move out. Im very sorry, but please remember that even tho this situation could save lives, I care about m family and I'll probably be stuck. Im very sorry, but MINDathon is shutting down, I dont wanna sound like a dork, but really, family would have to come first in this kind of situation. Im very sorry, I wish i could commit but I couldnt. Please do not submit any more runs, and we'll have to reorganize this to another date (maybe in 2019), when we're in a better situation


So, Why cant someone else run the marathon?
Well, to put it frankly, I've joined and hosted a marathon in the past, but that got ruined by someone purposely being a idiot and restreaming it.
Im very sorry but family stuffs more important for me.