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What are you doing here? Could you please MIND your business?
Sry, I had to go in with that Pun. So, Mindathon is going to be a marathon held on August 3rd starting at 9 am BST and ending on August 5th at 5 pm BST. So, this marathon will show all of the finest speedruns and is trying to look for creativity when people submit games. But, Please remember to try to submit the right games, that are
1) Not too long (if it's over 10 hours, it would be denied)
2) Not too short (if it's a marathon that's 15 minutes or less, then it would be denied, as there's no point after that OpieOP .

PS: The Submissions close at 1/7/2018 at Midnight GMT, so be sure to submit quick! Also, This is a charity marathon, for the charity MIND. be sure to donate!


What's wrong with short games? 🙁 Would you accept something with a 20 minute estimate that'll most likely end up being around 17 minutes if nothing goes wrong?


Is there any reason we have to put our phone number and full name to sign up?


@Emmoji Yes, short games are fun and all, but games that are too short take something like 10 minutes to setup, and doing a good old 5-10 minute run , unless you submit multiple we dont want people to just go and do something for like 5 mintue sessions at a time.
@starsmiley just realised, i removed it now 🙂

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