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Thread: Language Change

Started by: D4n1elit0_xDD4n1elit0_xD

Yes, you can submit your runs played in spanish language.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Problems with gang

Started by: lolariallolarial

It happens when you play replay entering mission marker or during the mission. This works fine on 1.01.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto

Thread: Add "No Major Glitches%" / "Glitchless%" category

Started by: Tarakan3000Tarakan3000

As I know you can make this category like "No Major Glitches%" possible but on PS1 version cause of console limitations like there's a reduced traffic which makes only ca. 5 cars to spawn nearby to player so this "Car Parking Strategy" is not possible there. Also getting further from your vehicles makes these disappear.

Edit: What i really mean is Any% PS because it's faster to finish missions/kill frenzies through the game or have something similar.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto III

Thread: Game crash in last cutscene

Started by: Coal56ABCoal56AB

It can crash sometimes in last cutscene cause of crashchange (destroying Heli during a replay).


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Problem about windowing

Started by: UnknownSpeedrunsUnknownSpeedruns

Change resolution of your game and the change it back to your used resoultion. With d3d9 you need to change resolution every time you start the game.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: Quicksave resource not working help

Started by: Mon207Mon207

@Mon207 Have you tried launch tool in Administrator?

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