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Hey all,

The Midwest Speedcrew is hosting our winter themed marathon, MidWinter SpeedSprinter on March 2nd-4th! We are accepting in-person and online runs, with the venue being one of our team member's home in Minnesota for the in-person runs. (In-person runners will be invited to a special channel with the address for the venue ) (it will be called Pup N Suds, it is still the right discord channel!)

We are raising funds for Maria Soria's Gofundme here:
Her son is a friend of JustCallMeWade, one of our runners, and she currently needs funds to cover medical costs for her son fighting leukemia. She also has 4 other children to care for, and as a single mother she won't be able to work to care for them because of how busy she is with Jacob's leukemia treatment.

Our tech man will be providing a professional level stream to ensure the best quality for you to watch! We will be using to stream at these sites:

Youtube Gaming:
Stream Me :

Submissions will be open until Feb 17, and the schedule will be released Feb 22nd. Submissions for backup runs will be accepted until March 1st, so even if you missed the deadline there's a chance you can still participate!

If you are coming, make sure to use the Sign Up button so we can contact you by email if needed!
If you are doing an online run, you have to join our discord! We will be using it to read donations and get in contact with you. 🙂
Submit a run by using the submit run button the left and filling out the form it provides.

Feel free to join our discord here if you have more questions:
Follow our Twitter for more updates and additional questions:

This thread will be updated with more info as time progresses.
EDIT 1: Changed date of the marathon from Feb 23rd-25th to March 2nd-4th because of ESA scheduling conflicts. Also changed the submission deadline one week later too.
EDIT 2: Added more info about the Discord channel
EDIT 3: Updated info about the location change for in-person runs



Main schedule submissions are now closed! Check out the schedule on the schedule tab or on horaro here: