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WHEN: MidSpring SpeedFling is taking place from April 28th - April 29th on-site in MN at one of our staff member's home.

SUBMISSIONS: Online and on-site runs are accepted, but please note that online runs will be over night (from 10pm -
10am) in Central Time. Submissions are open until April 19th and the schedule will be released the day after. Backup run submissions are open until April 27th at 11:59 Central Time.

CAUSE: We are raising funds for Conservation International! They focus on protecting the environment in areas like the Amazon.

STREAM: Stream will be at

DISCORD: You must join the discord if you want to run in the marathon! It is where we will be doing the planning for the marathon. Link is here:

QUESTIONS?: Feel free to message Gooby anytime on the Midwest Speedfest server if you have any questions about the marathon 🙂

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