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How do you do the Seagull Jump in WhiteHat's run? I'm confused about the order of inputs and what frames you need to do it on.


I've been doing it by jumping then hovering as low to the ground as possible, then drop while flapping and as soon as i see the dust sprites on the ground i press and hold A and then the seagull flys

i dont know if thats how it works for sure but thats how i get it to work. even mashing A on the descent sometimes helps me time the jump to start flying.

made a clip

im playing on crt and its probably a 2 frame jump cancel window


It's pretty simple, jump, flap once at any time in the air and let go, then press and hold A about 2 pixels above the ground before you land. It is a 2 frame window.

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I take a moment to practice that, thanks you all ^^