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I think for now there should be two categories for Micro Mages. An any% (where you only have to beat 4-4) and either an "All levels", "Good ending" something to that effect where you have to beat normal and hard mode. Thoughts?

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how about do it like ghost n goblin's board and do a (1 Loop Any%) and (2 Loop Any%), but also we need a (Good Ending) as well

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I think for now we will probably just stick with Beat the Game, which is 2 loops, as the main category. I personally am really not a fan of only 1 loop, as it gives you no ending, and is really only playing half the game. I think the extra mode, HELL mode, could make for a good single loop category tho because a password is the only way to get there. An All Artifacts run would probably fit under Misc if someone wanted to do it, as it is the same as Beat the Game, just longer. Those are my initial thoughts.

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Yeah, Beat the Game (2 Loops) as the main category, then anything else could enter a misc one

Also pls remember no one stops you from doing that category even if no LB is up yet

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I agree. The main category is both loops. I don't think we necessarily need a separate category for each of the loops, but it would be a welcome change. I'm more interested in an individual world leaderboard.


Where's the password for HELL Mode? Not sure how you find that.