1-Player 2-Players 3-Players 4-Players
Harvest 'Shroom 0m 43s

Farm Aid 0m 58s

Guts: It's What's for Dinner

Prescription Pick-Up 0m 03s

Goldenfish Opportunity

Sunken Treasures

No Love for Ludroth!

Bug Hunt

My Lord's Errand 0m 27s

Bear Trap 0m 32s

Pain in the Plains 0m 44s

Secret of the Crystal Bones

No Guts, No Glory

Who's The Boss?

Shakalaka Savior

Trapping a Trickster

A Royal Pain 0m 50s

Playing with Fire 2m 27s

Leading the Charge

Rhenoplos Rampage!

Herbivore Egg Hunt!

Toxic Troublemaker

Save Our Boat 1m 41s

Pest Control

The Deadliest Catch

Accident Investigation

Hunter Killer

The Snowbound Slider

Leader of the Icepack

Lost in Blue

Cold Stones

Trial of the Sea Dragon

Dragon Lady

Poached Wyvern Eggs

A Royal Rumble

The Creeping Venom

Fell the Lagiacrus!

The Lord of the Seas

Heat Exhaustion

Shakalaka Savior II

The Desert Gourmand

Hammer Time

Walk 'N' Roll

The Wrath of Rathalos

A Bard's Tale

The Horned Wyvern

The Omen

The Volcano's Fury

Denizen of the Molten Deep

Uragaan's Trail

Save Moga Village!

The Decisive Battle

Poison Control 0m 49s

The Merchant's Mission

Current Events

Herd Mentality

The Jaggia Menace

Avenge the Fallen Hunter!

Desert Warfare

Bye-Bye, Bloom

Toxic Troublemaker (High Rank)

Hair of the Dog

Pink Queen of the Peaks

Double Jeopardy

Field Trip

Bully the Bullfango

Under the Yolk

Siren's Song

Splash Damage


Scene of the Crime

Snowball Fight

On Thin Ice

Leader of the Icepack (High Rank)

Shocking Development

Research Assistance

Designer Antlers

Toxin Avenger

The Write Stuff

Rumble in the Great Desert

Masked Robbery

The Fisherman's Fiend

Troubled Waters

The Horned Wyvern (High Rank)

The Desert Gourmand (High Rank)

The Lost Expedition

Denizen of the Molten Deep (High Rank)

The Volcano's Fury (High Rank)

The Moving Mountain

Twin Peaks

[Canteen] The Endless Hunt

Clobberin' Time!

"Brachydios" Means Trouble

Howl at the Moon

Azure Attack

Desert Storm

Jumping At Shadows

Triple Threat

Operation: Paradise Lost

Lurkers in the Woods

Triumph of the Tyrants

Frozen Bloodlust

Heaven and Earth

Midnight Madness

Ace in the Hole

Echo Location

Conqueror of Land and Sea

Into the Fire

Mark of a Hero

The Brilliant Darkness

Grudge Match: Lagombi 1m 28s

Grudge Match: Purple Ludroth

Grudge Match: Barioth

Grudge Match: Plesioth

Grudge Match: Gigginox

Grudge Match: Rathalos

Grudge Match: Pink Rathian

Grudge Match: Nargacuga

Grudge Match: Lagiacrus

Grudge Match: Rust Duramboros

Grudge Match: Sea Power

Grudge Match: Stygian Zinogre

Online: Playing with Fire - ★ 16m 06s

Online: Wyvern Conservation 4m 37s

Online: Shroom Patrol

Online: Leading The Charge

Online: The Merchant's Mission 27m 06s

Online: The Fisherman's Tale 17m 33s

Online: Accident Investigation

Online: [Canteen] The Fisher King

Online: [Canteen] Forecast: Lagombi 3m 16s

Online: The Fisherman's Fiend - ★★

Online: The Horned Wyvern

Online: The Desert Gourmand - ★★

Online: When the Levy Breaks

Online: The Creeping Venom

Online: A Bard's Tale

Online: The Wrath of Rathalos

Online: Denizen of the Molten Deep

Online: [Canteen] Road Work

Online: Cull the Herd

Online: Bullfango Brigade

Online: Double Trouble

Online: Reel in a Rathian

Online: The Omen

Online: Splash Damage

0m 16s
Yukino_YariYukino_Yari, xiu, «Mew» and Opadorf
Online: Purple Reign

Online: Mud Brothers

Online: Bye-Bye, Bloom

Online: Supply Constraints

Online: Ludroth Lament

Online: [Canteen] Grab a Gobul!

Online: Pink Queen of the Peaks

Online: Noisy Neighbor

Online: Jumping Jaggi

Online: Fishing for Trouble

Online: Bracydios Mio!

Online: Unwanted Visitor

Online: The Desert Gourmand - ★★★★

Online: Four Horns

Online: The Fisherman's Fiend - ★★★★

Online: [Canteen] Fishing Failure

Online: Snowball Fight

Online: Frost Bitten

Online: Toxic Tundra

Online: Shocking Development

Online: Tumble on the Tundra

Online: The Volcano's Fury

Online: Heroes Wanted

Online: The Lost Expedition

Online: Ruler of Two Realms

Online: Midnight Madness

Online: Desert Storm

Online: Desert Desertion

Online: Echo Location

Online: Badevil a Deviljho

Online: Dancing Flames

Online: [Canteen] End of the Roads

Online: Azure Attack

Online: Narg at Nite

Online: [Canteen] Desert Rumble!

Online: Jump the Sharq

Online: The Cherry Blossom Queen

Online: The Green Flash

Online: Deserted Island Dustup

Online: Rathian's Wrath
1m 06s
Yukino_YariYukino_Yari and Opadorf

Online: Playing with Fire - G★

Online: Sweltering Showdown

Online: Splash Damage - G★

Online: Bye-Bye, Bloom - G★

Online: Supply Constraints - G★

Online: The Fisherman's Tale - G★

Online: Bad, White and Blue

Online: Operation: Poison Control

Online: Throne of the Abyss

Online: Island Warfare

Online: Avenge the Fallen Hunter

Online: Sand Storm

Online: The Desert Gourmand - G★

Online: Monster Fisher

Online: When the Levy Breaks - G★

Online: Axe to Grind

Online: Accident Investigation - G★

Online: Command Performance

Online: Snowball Fight - G★

Online: Bump Off Barioth

Online: The Creeping Venom - G★

Online: Erratic Electricity

Online: Thunder on the Tundra

Online: Sticky Situation

Online: [Advanced] Raging Queens

Online: [Advanced] Qurupeco Chorus

4m 54s
NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets, Davide. F, Kuwyte and Mr. Death
Online: [Advanced] Ludroth Ambush

Online: [Advanced] Plesioth Pains

Online: [Advanced] Lawless Ludroth

Online: [Advanced] Today's Special

Online: [Advanced] Barroth Brigade

Online: [Advanced] Third Strike

Online: [Advanced] Pretty and Pink

Online: [Advanced] Beauty Kills

Online: [Advanced] Fishin' Mission

Online: [Advanced] Seeing Green

Online: [Advanced] Forest Fracas

6m 12s
NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets, 'Tardis', 'Toph' and 'EinDennis'
Online: [Advanced] Knight Fishing

Online: [Advanced] Snow Stampede

Online: [Advanced] Field Study

Online: [Advanced] Shock Treatment

Online: [Advanced] Tough Gig

Online: [Advanced] Silver Slayers

Online: [Advanced] Miracle Drug

Online: [Advanced] Noble Nuisance

Online: [Advanced] Pack Mentality

Online: [Advanced] Troubling Tremors

Online: [Advanced] Peak Performers

Online: Silent but Deadly

Online: The Horned Wyvern - G★★

Online: Midnight Madness - G★★

Online: Desert Storm - G★★

Online: Desert Desertion - G★★

Online: Night Stalker

Online: Break the Brachydios

Online: Rathalos Alert

Online: Volcanic Activity

Online: The Thrill of the Hunt

Online: Ace in the Hole - G★★

Online: Azure Attack - G★★

Online: Hungry Eyes

Online: Sticky Situation - G★★

Online: Ruler of Two Realms - G★★

Online: Deep-six a Deviljho

Online: The Fisherman's Fiend - G★★

Online: A Sea of Wyverns

Online: Infernal Overlord

Online: Souls of Darkness

Online: Echo Location - G★★

Online: Denizen of the Molten Deep - G★★

Online: Hunting the Hunter

Online: Save the Princess!

Online: [Canteen] Cold Day in Hell

Online: The Black Flame of Calamity - G★★ 5m 53s

Online: [Advanced] Crimson Crisis

Online: [Advanced] Ivory Indignation

Online: [Advanced] Crus Control

Online: [Advanced] Lagiacrus Alert

Online: [Advanced] Forest Folly

Online: [Advanced] Swift Shadows

Online: [Advanced] Duty's Call

Online: [Advanced] Triple Threat

Online: [Advanced] Tyrant Terror

Online: [Advanced] Diablos Three

6m 01s
NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets, 'Tardis', 'Toph' and 'EinDennis'
Online: [Advanced] Death's Embrace

Online: [Advanced] Horn Hunter

Online: [Advanced] Plain Dangerous

Online: [Advanced] Twister Trio

Online: [Advanced] Cloudless Thunder

Online: [Advanced] White Noise

Online: [Advanced] Breaking the Ice

Online: [Advanced] Save the Tundra

Online: [Advanced] Rathalos Summit

Online: [Advanced] Blue, Blue Skies

Online: [Advanced] Power Couple

Online: [Advanced] Hot Feet

Online: [Advanced] Nerves of Steel

Online: [Advanced] Feel the Heat

Online: [Advanced] The Sea of Flame

Online: [Advanced] A Burnt Offering

Online: [Advanced] Fate and Fire

Online: Hot and Bothered

Online: Ring of the Golden Lune

Online: Ring of the Silver Sol

Online: The Hammer and the Axe

Online: Fang, Fang: You're Dead

Online: [Canteen] Submarine Struggle

Online: Qurupeco Two-step

Online: Ode to Barroth

Online: Eyes of the Storm

Online: Opposites Detract

Online: Festival on the Sea of Sand

Online: The Black Flame of Calamity - G★★★

Online: All-terrain Terror

Online: Operation: Last Stand

Online: Tundra Trump Cards

Online: Mountain Massacre

Online: Awesome Maw

Online: Best of Enemies

Online: The Invisible Predator

Online: Rage Match

Online: Moonlight Tryst

Online: The Earth Quakers

Online: The Sea Shakers

Online: Abyssal Awakening
1m 05s
Akki_MHAkki_MH and Jammorz

1m 32s
NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets, pure Nub, <M = L Y N X> and Lat
Online: Four Point Formation

Online: Heavy Hitters

Online: March of Victory

Event: Greatest Hunter